St. Kitts and Nevis - Age of Consent

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Saint Kitts & Nevis - San Cristóbal y Nieves                     Basseterre

I. Ages for legal purposes
Age of simple majority    The legal age of majority is eighteen (18) years.

Age of consent for sexual activity
The legal age of consent for sexual activity is sixteen (16) years.

Age of consent for marriage
The legal age of consent for marriage is eighteen (18) years.

II. Different forms of child sex abuse
‘Sexual intercourse with children'
Criminal Law Amendment Act Chapter 19 as amended by the Criminal Law Amendment Act N° 36 of 1976
" Any person who unlawfully and carnally knows any girl under the age of fourteen (14) years
shall be guilty of a felony and shall be liable to be imprisoned for life. "

Offence against the Person Act Chapter 56 Section 74 as amended by the Law Reform (Miscellaneous)
Provisions Act N°7 of 1990

" Any person commits the offence of incest who, knowing that another person is by blood
relationship , his or her parent, child, brother, sister, grand parent, grand child , uncle , niece,
aunt or nephew, as the case may be, has sexual intercourse with that person.

A person who commits the offence of incest is liable on conviction to imprisonment :
a) If committed by an adult with a person under sixteen (16) years of age, for life
b) If committed by an adult with a person sixteen (16) years of age or more, for ten (10) years
c) If committed between minors fourteen (14) years of age or more for two (2) years. "

Offences against the Person Act Chapter 56 Section 57 of the Laws of the Federation
" Whosoever attempts to commit the said abominable crime, or is guilty of any assault with intent
to commit the same, or of any indecent assault upon any male person, is guilty of misdemeanour,
and being convicted thereof shall be liable to be imprisoned for any term not exceeding four (4)
years with or without hard labour. "

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