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The Slovak Republic is the youngest state in central Europe, established on 1st January
1993 after the split of former Czecho-Slovakia. The Slovak Republic implemented after
November 1989 a system of parliamentary democracy. Our Parliament has 152 deputies
representing parties of the ruling coalition and opposition. It is the country where I was
born and live and I am proud of it.  

Brief: AOC (age of consent) is 15 years, the rest is similar to other countries.


Updated 01-2001:


SLOVAKIA LAWS: 1. Has no sodomy laws, the age of sexual consent is 15 for all.
NOTE: 1. Jan Carnogursky, Justice Minister, is extremely anti-gay.


Slovakia - République Slovaque - Eslovaquia (Rep. de)                   Bratislava

I. Ages for legal purposes
Age of simple majority   The legal age of majority is eighteen (18) years.

Age of consent for sexual activity
The legal age of consent for sexual activity is fifteen (15) years.

Age of consent for marriage
The legal age of consent for marriage is eighteen (18) years. In exceptional cases, based upon
request of one of the marrying couple, competent court may recognise full age, meant legal age, if
both parents consent, to persons of age sixteen (16) to eighteen (18).

Legal protection of children
Criminal Substantial Law in Slovakia contains several special instruments or institutes, which
protect children from physical or mental violence, abuse (including sexual), negligent treatment,
exploitation while under care of one or both parents, legal guardians or any other persons taking
care of the child.

Slovak Judicial practice does not contain a definition of " sexual exploitation of children ".

The Slovak Penal Code contains following sections which might be linked to this definition :
- Pandering - Section 204/3c, 4a of the Slovak Penal Code
- Jeopardy of decency - Section 205/1
- Traffic in children - Section 216a
- Jeopardy of decent upbringing of youth - Section 217
- Traffic in women - Section 246/2b
- Sexual abuse - Section 242 and 243

Amendments in Slovak penal substantial laws after year 1990 have anchored protection of children
against crime committed to their detriment. These amendments were passed on to eliminate children
sexual exploitation and abuse, to stress and amend merits by sign of organising and utilising
prostitution and statute on more severe sanctions. Mainly criminal acts of pandering - Sections 204,
205 - distribution, extension, publication, production or import of written, audio and video products,
depictions or other objects menacing decency, which besides other things depicts sexual
intercourse with a child. Similarly penal is an act of offering or making access to such objects to a
person under 10 years of age.

Cases of sexual abuse foreseen by Section 242 and 243 of the Slovak Penal Code are quite
frequently recorded (annually about 500 cases). One third of the total number is committed to the
detriment of a depending person (by a parent of the child). It is worth to mention that 95 per cent of
the cases has been committed by Gypsies.

On the other hand, sexual abuse of children for commercial purposes, for example production and
extension of child pornography is quite rare in Slovakia. Despite this fact, Slovakia has become a
transit country of transport for prostitution purposes, pornography, sexual travelling (travelling
girls for prostitution purposes) and sex-tourism.

Legislation in Slovakia provides effective protection against abductions, sale and trafficking with
children Besides above-mentioned facts, substantial penal law contains lex specialis on
kidnapping/abduction of a child (Section 216 of the Slovak Pena1 Code). This statute considers this
act, meant withdrawal of a child or a person mentally ill or insufficiently mentally developed from a
care of one, who has been granted the right to do so by law or by an official decision.

In Slovak Republic, so far no case of trafficking in children foreseen by Section 216a of the Penal
Code has been recorded. This statute reads as follows : " Any person who entrusts a child to a
power of anyone else for purpose of adoption, exploitation of child labour or any other purpose
for reward is liable to... "

Extent of rights and interests of minors in Slovakia have been covered by the " Family Act " and
" State Administration of Social Security Act ". These legislative measures make framework of
activity for local state administration in field of Protection of rights and interests of minors (aged up
to 15).






We are told this is the age of consent law in the language of SLOVAK.  We are sorry but we do not have further confirmation at this time. 

Zakon z 29. novembra 1961 c.
140/1961 Zb.


trestne ciny proti slobode a ludskej

Druhy oddiel
Trestne ciny proti ludskej dostojnosti

§ 241

1.Kto nasilim alebo hrozbou bezprostredneho nasilia donuti zenu k
sulozi, alebo kto na taky cin zneuzije jej bezbrannost, potresce sa
odnatim slobody na dva roky az osem rokov.
2.Odnatim slobody na pat az dvanast rokov sa pachatel potresce, ak
a.ak sposobi cinom uvedenym v odseku 1 tazku ujmu na
zdravi, alebo
b.ak spacha taky cin na zene mladsej ako patnast rokov.
3.Odnatim slobody na desat az patnast rokov sa pachatel potresce,
ak sposobi cinom uvedenym v odseku 1 smrt.

Pohlavne zneuzivanie
§ 242

1.Kto vykona suloz s osobou mladsou ako patnast rokov alebo kto
takuto osobu inym sposobom pohlavne zneuzije, potresce sa
odnatim slobody na jeden rok az osem rokov.
2.Odnatim slobody na dva roky az desat rokov sa pachatel potresce,
ak spacha cin uvedeny v odseku 1 na osobe zverenej jeho dozoru,
zneuzivajuc jej zavislost.
3.Odnatim slobody na pat az dvanast rokov sa pachatel potresce, ak
sposobi cinom uvedenym v odseku 1 tazku ujmu na zdravi.
4.Odnatim slobody na desat az patnast rokov sa pachatel potresce,
ak sposobi cinom uvedenym v odseku 1 smrt.

§ 243

Kto zneuzivajuc zavislost osoby mladsej ako osemnast rokov alobo osoby
zverenej jeho dozoru pohne ju k mimomanzelskej sulozi, alebo kto takuto
osobu, zneuzivajuc jej zavislost, inym sposobom pohlavne zneuzije,
potresce sa odnatim slobody az na dva roky.

§ 245
Suloz medzi pribuznymi

Kto vykona suloz s pribuznymi v pokoleni priamom alebo so surodencom,
potresce sa odnatim slobody az na dva roky.







Legislation against sexual abuse of children

The rights of the children are protected by:

  • The Criminal Act No. 140/1961, paragraphs 242, 243, 245



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