Paraguay - Age of Consent

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PARAGUAY LAWS: 1. Has no sodomy laws, the age of sexual consent is 12 for all, but it can be punishable under certain circumstances when specific charges of "corruption of minors" and "offences against public morals" are introduced.








Legislation against child sex tourism

Penalties relating to sex offences and crime against children in the country

  • for the sex exploiter (customer)

      Sexual violation is when a person is forced to engage in sexual acts involuntarily. More specifically it is when force or intimidation is used, when the victim was not in a proper state of mind or when the victim could not defend himself or herself. Sexual violation is punished by: 18-24 years in jail when the victim is younger than 10 years old; 10-20 years in jail when the victim is 10-16 years old; 6-10 years in jail for all other cases. If the violation results in death of the victim or if it was committed by more than one person at the same time, the sentence is increased by half of the maximum.

Law 1, 374 Art.314, 315.


  • for the procurer or trafficker who procures, seduces or traffics another person for prostitution

      Anyone who promotes or facilitates the fulfilment of the sexual desires of another person will be subject to: 3-6 years in prison when the victim is under 12 years of age; 2-4 years in prison when the victim is of 12-15 years of age; 2-3 years in prison when the victim is of 15-21 years of age. These sentences are increased by half when the guilty party used fear, deceit or any form of payment to engage the victim or is the guardian of the victim.

                      Law 1, 374 Art. 322.

  • for the manager, controller, pimp or owner of a prostitution place

      All minors under the age of 18 need a work permit which states that they may not be employed in an occupation that is dangerous to their life, health or moral well being.

      Law 903/1981 Art. 188

      Employers of minors without work permits will be fined a minimum of 2-10 days of volunteer service.

      Law 903/1981 Art 214

      Employers that force minors to work places that are unsanitary or to work in an occupation that is dangerous to their life, health or moral well being will be fined 15 days of volunteer service.

      Law 903/1981 Art.217

      Anyone who tries to make commercial use of a minor will be subject to 6 years in prison.

      Law 1, 374 Art. 309, Bis A.




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