Iraq - Age of Consent

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Updated 01-2001:


IRAQ LAWS: 1. Has no sodomy laws, the age of sexual consent is 18. If a minor is  between 15 and 18 years old and does not resist the sexual act, the adult may be punished with imprisonment of up to 7 years. If a minor is 14 years or below, the punishment is a maximum of 10 yearsimprisonment.





Legislation against child sex tourism

Laws and regulations which can be used to:

  • Prohibit or prevent the organization and advertising of sex tours and trips
There is no sex trade for children for tourism purposes in Iraq. 
Thus, there was no need to set up legislation and laws for such 
a condition. But concerning sex trade for sex practices as well as 
sex deviation (abnormality) have been dealt with in Iraq through two laws:
    1. Elimination prostitution law in force and amended no (8) for the year 1988
    2. Penal code in force and amended no (111) for the year 1989
  • Prohibit or prevent the organization and advertising of sex tours and trips especially affecting children

Yes, the (2) article of the elimination prostitution law in force and amended not (8) for the year 1988 has defined the prohibition of prostitution and panderism practices and everything relevant to its organizing and declaration. The provision of this article is considered imperative that should not be violated at all as it concerns social order and ethics.

Extra-territoriality laws and regulations allowing to prosecute nationals for child sex offences committed abroad:

There is no legislation in Iraq concerning Iraqis who practice child trade for purposes abroad but lawfully, in any Iraqi person living abroad involved in such a crime, he would be punished according to the criminal code of that country in which the crime has happened. The elimination prostitution law and penal code mentioned before are considered the most effective laws for such crimes in Iraq.

The legislator considers sexual abuse of children a felony but in special cases, as a misdemeanor. According to the elimination prostitution law the person under 18 years old who commits child abuse will be imprisoned for a period not more than 15 years and appropriate indemnity to be paid to the victim.

Penalties relating to sex offences and crime against children


Applies to children under the age of eighteen.

Penalty of panderism has been stressed on according to the resolution of the revolution command council, the highest legislative authority in Iraq no. (118) for the year 1994 and as follows: Each person who runs a group for panderism purposes will be punished by capital penalty with the confiscation of his mobile money or real estate property which is taken as a place for panderism purposes.

 To encourage children under this age to prostitution or to practicing it as a profession and offering facilities for it is punishable by ten years maximum imprisonment.

Abuse of threatening by force or any kind of deception upon male or female is punishable by ten years maximum imprisonment.

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