Honduras - Age of Sexual Consent

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Updated 01-2001:

Source:  http://www.actwin.com/eatonohio/gay/world.htm

HONDURAS LAWS: 1. Has no sodomy laws. 2. The new Constitution enacted in 1982 by the new National Congress
"guarantees" equality under the law and prohibits discrimination  based on sex, race, class or "in any form that harms human dignity"  (Article 60). This wording seems open-ended enough to encompass  discrimination against sexual minorities and people living with  HIV/AIDS, although such an interpretation has yet to be considered  by the courts.


EDITOR NOTE:  None of us speak Spanish and we have not had any luck in finding someone with EXCELLENT translation skills.  We believe we have the law documented (and have used mechanical translators) but we are still not confident of the outcome.   We would like to find a bi-lingual (Spanish and English) person interested in finding the applicable laws and providing us with the SPANISH and ENGLISH -- paragraph by paragraph.  Thank you.

Added 03-2002:
Just came from spending two years in Honduras. If the family objects, it is illegal under the age of 17. The family might even in the beginning, encourage a liason between a gringo and a young lady, and when it has been substantiated a liason has and is taking place, they will object by filing charges. The gringo is arrested and put in jail. Of course for an appropriate sum, the charges are dropped. From what I have seen, the appropriate sum is whatever they can get. In most cases $5,000 US will satisfy them. The gringo pays it as it is the only way to get out of jail, not a nice place. Like most things in Honduras, it is a scam, but the law and the cops support it.




Age of consent in Honduras: 14

For documentation, surf to :       http://www.masterlex.co.cr/

(this site changed 5/2000)

It is a legal database for Costa Rica & Honduras in full cooperation with the Supreme Court.

Type whatever you want in the fields :

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In the right window, type the word "estupro" (which is rape) on the frase field.

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