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Adult Child Sex - Officials Debate the Grey Area (April 2002)

Prostitution of Children and Child-Sex Tourism-  (offsite PDF link)

Country by Country listings of Child Exploitation

A Living Hell: A cultural perspective on Child Prostitution in the Far East.   (Feb 27, 2001)

Teen Model Sites and the Law    (July, 2002)

Authorities turn their attention to the "cam girls" themselves  (July, 2002)

The Romance a Teenage Camper Couldn't Have Today   (July, 2002)
From the author of "Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children From Sex"

Child Marriages -- A Tradition -- or "a demand to legalize paedophilia"?   (July 1, 2002)

State Legislator's Guide to Statutory Rape Issues   (Added July 7, 2002)
(This is an official government document - in pdf format)

Possesion of Child Porn Should be legal

In Fantasy, who are the victims that must be protected?    (July 2, 2002)

The Khmer Deflowering Rite (Losing Virginity to the Priests)

The Ten Commandments (not what you are thinking)   Not on this server

Islam and the Child Brides

West Africa - Mariage Rites and Ages

Kids are smarter than we give them credit for.  And its NOT sexual abuse.

The Islamic Paradise??? 

The Seclusion of Girls at Puberty

The New Kathmandu Kumari  (July 11, 2001)

Background on the daily Daf

Krishna ideals on marriage (before 16) and pregnancy (immediately after puberty)

Female Teacher - Male Student.  But he doesn't remember.  (July 10, 2001)

UK - Nurses Give Condoms to Under-age Girls?   (June 30, 2002)

Victims Get Lost among Concerns For Teachers and Lawsuits  (September 10, 1996)

Fifth-Grade Boys Charged with Sexual Battery     (May 18, 2002)

Arrest him - even though we know there isn't enough evidence to CHARGE him!   (May 9, 2002)

Growing Needs of Today's Youth  (Not on this server)

Underage Model Photographer Busted (Gary Smith - Nov 2001)

Girl Model Sites Crossing the Line   (July 2001)

20 Should Get you 20  (August 2001)

BBC Documentary on Elite Models (Underage) Sex & Drug Scandal (Not on this server)

Underage Tease Sites (Article on Teen Model Sites from 2000)  (August 2000)

Girl, 9, charged with sexual assault   (Jan 11, 2002) - The site for Perverts?  (April 2002)

Twelve US Navy Seabees Charged - Sexual Assault and Child Porn  (April 4, 2002)

Catholic Church Sex Scandal

Coach Accused of Fondling  (March 27, 2002)

Is Adult/Child Sex Always Abusive?   (April 1999)

Child Porn?  Or After School Job?   (April 6, 2002)
This case may have a substantial effect on underage model sites.

Priest demands brides have virginity certificate  (April 2, 2002)

Legal Child Porn - or just pictures of a 12-year old girl?  (March 28, 2002)
And the RESPONSE from the parents and site owners!

Consent & Coercion to Sex & Marriage in Ancient & Medieval Societies   (November 1997)

Homosexuality and Underage Sexuality are the scourage of our nation!   (June 1998)

Christian Music Industry and Statutory Rape of 13-year old

Abortion Rules appy to RU-486

The Internet - A breeding ground for Pedophiles?

Do Children have a right to confidential family planning / birth control?  (August 23, 1997)

As we sodomize America - A right-wing account

Virgins to be rewarded for getting married  (Jan 8, 2002)

10 partners before marriage and lose viriginity before 15 is ok per survey!  (December 10, 2001)

An interesting (but not updated) visual chart of the age of consent in the US

Sex Tourism in Cuba

Women who Molest

Woman pleads to sex with teen boys   (March 8, 2001)

Is Sex for Money or Reward ALWAYS prostitution???

College Course Synopsis on sex law

Man freed after molestation testimony recanted

The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in the U. S., Canada and Mexico

"Forgettable" teen contraceptive for girls as young as 12 sparks fury

Under-16s have sex, whatever the law says

Britons 'losing virginity at 15'

Forced virginity tests banned

Battle of the sexualities and laws (Middle East)

Girls' secrets aired in Egypt

11-year-olds treated for sex diseases

17-year-old Nigerian girl, who is due to be lashed for pre-marital sex

Netherlands: Let's talk about sex

Latvia bans child models

Thai senator in sex allegations

Record producer on sex charges

Teacher jailed for sex with pupil

Eight years' jail for sex priest

12-year-old GIRL sex offender sentenced

13-year-old Boy placed on sex offenders' register

Boyfriends 'selling young girls for sex'

Underage sex: The letter of the law (Very Interesting!)

Rock Star charged with sex with children

Czech challenge to child prostitution

Britons arrested in Prague child sex raids

Students choose sex over study

Students worry about lack of sex

Frequent union of students

French schools offer morning-after pill

Labour chooses 'Third Way' on teen pregnancy

Teenage girls 'having sex earlier'

Media linked to underage sex increase

Christmas sex dangers revealed

Boys red-faced over condoms

Sex Not Risky says Teenagers
Teens don't ask for advice because of age of consent laws!!

"Smart Teens" Delay Sex - Yeah Right.

Teenagers flock to contraception clinics

Teenage girls fail with Pill

Government to Promote Virginity

Parents 'ignoring sex education'

Sex on children's school trips

Hundreds of Thousands of U.S. Children in Sex Trade

Study Says Child Sex Trade Reaches Epidemic in U.S.

Are people really this stupid?

Books and Reference Materials on Prostitution

Commercial Sex Workers in Asia:
A Unique Perspective on Prostitution and Laws (Added 08/2001)

Believe ONE child over TWO adult witnesses:  Presumed Guilty
A case that will make you sick.  (05/26/99) - Added 08/2001!

17-year old Female - Sexual Predator (07/20/2001)

America's Most Wanted Stars -- Get Arrested!  (07/20/2001)

18-year old felony sex offender for attempted sex with 13-year old (8/3/2001)

11-Year Old Rapes 6-Year Old over club initiation.
Consent -- but no consent.  07/2001

Poundstone added to the list of celebrities who fooled around with underage partners (08/2001)

Is a person who has sex with another under 18 a "bad person"?
Read about the Priest, the Teacher, the Coach and the Mayor

Legal to have sex -- but don't photo or video if under 18 (8/2/01)

Woman sentenced for Sex with 12-Year old Boy  (8/3/01)

Communicating with a minor for Immoral Purposes

Comments on Values of the Age of Consent (requires thought)

What is a Pedophile?  AMA Definition

The Virginity Pledge - Hoax 1//2001

Female Child Sex Abusers.  (Not on this server)

EXCELLENT:   The Trade in Child Pornography.  From 1992.
The most detailed research journal we have ever encountered!  (Not on this server)

Interesting "Sharp" Child Pornography Case from Canada (Not on this server)

Girls married at the age of 3 before according to the Jews' Holiest book, the Talmud:
(Not on this server)

Rape: In the News (multi-year) (Not on this server)

NAMBLA should have free spech rights (2000)

Child Molesters and Crimes Against Children (2001)

Boys AND Girls should share Responsibility in Stat Rape Cases (1998)

Celebrities Accused/Convicted of Statutory Rape (2001)

Can Statutory Rape Laws Be Effective In Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy?   (1997)

Federal Law Calls For Enforcement of Statutory Rape Laws (2000)

Male Victims of Statutory Rape Must Pay Child Support (1999)

Women Who Rape (2000)

State Plans: Out-of-Wedlock and Statutory Rape Provisions (1996)

How to Understand Statutory Rape (2001)

A Unique Perspective - Religion (2000)

Texas Judged Charged with Indecent Behaviour (1998)

Forced Prostitution of Girls into Sex Tourism (1997)

Sex Revolves around Power, Not Consent (12/96)

Legalizing Sex with Children - 8/99

Priests and other hypocrits - and Sex with Children

But in the end, the question is real and stark:
Should this 16-year-old boy spend more than six years in prison for having sex
with his 13-year-old girlfriend at her initiation?   (Oregon Court Case 4/2000)

Everything your kids already know about sex (June 1998)

Questions on 'Morals and the Criminal Law (and Christianity)   (unk date)

Sexual Privacy for Paedophiles and Children - Tom O'Carroll (June 2000)

Teachers and monks behind most child assault (09/22/97)

Why Condemn Pedophilia (04/24/98)

Maturity License and Sex Insurance (5/25/00)

Why does the government have the right to regulate sex? (5/15/00)

Not All Teenage Pregancy Numbers are Accurate (5/12/00)

Is Joseph guilty of Statutory Rape with Mary??

The Crazy-Quilt of Our Age of Consent Laws

Sex with Children can be Healthy!

The Resurrection of Statutory Rape Laws

My Opinion: The age of consent was 10 many years ago.
Are we less intelligent than our forefathers?

Age of Consent for Marriage

Teenagers and Sex in America

Tougher Statutory Rape Laws Don't Work

Sex for the First Time

United Nations -- The Rights of the Child

United Nations -- Suggested Legal Framework

Sex and Kids -- Comments and History

Arbitrary Age of Consent Law Doesn't Work

There should not be an age of consent

Understanding the Age of Consent in the context of the 1800's

Statutory Rape -- the Dirty Secret Behind Teen Pregnancy Numbers

Old Law Information -- History of Age of Consent Info

A Humorous Look at the Lolita Syndrome

New Weapons against Child Trafficking in Asia

Teenage Prostitution in Japan -- Voluntarily Hooking??

Prostitution in Denmark

Retouching the kids: I was a child pornographer

The World Congress Against the Commercial Exploitation of Children:
What is Child Porn?

Boinking Teenagers in Utah

Prostitution in Eastern Europe

Raise Canada Age of Consent to 18!


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