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    1.  Did you look at the Age of Consent Chart?

            A.   If we have supporting documentation for an entry,
                the name of the state or country will be highlighted
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                documentation page.

            B.   If we have confirmed the legal ages for a state or
                country, the age will be in BOLD RED NUMBERS.
            C.  If multiple ages appear in BLACK in a column, or
                if a question mark appears in a column, it means
                that we have conflicting information without any
                documentation or NO information at all.

             D.   DO NOT WRITE TO US asking about how to apply
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                PLEASE:   Do NOT write to us asking for any other information.  If it isn't on the chart, we do not have it.  We are all volunteers and can't respond to questions like "What is the age of consent in Alabama". 

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   2.  Did you look at the MENU page?

                Also on the menu page, you will find the comments and editorials page, which has excellent information and articles written about the age of consent; special notices for US citizens travelling abroad, and the type of help we need to make this site the most accurate ever.

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