[Cool Teen Sites] -- The site for perverts?

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The Original Email - April 2002:
To whom it may concern,

I recieved a link to your site a couple of months ago while in an internet chat room. Let me just say, as a gay youth (I'm only 20) and a democrat (even though we typically believe in the right to chose your path rather sexually or abortion-wise.), I found your site very offensive!.Although you are exercising your right to free speech, I feel that this site is a site that I would picture a pevert going to. It seems to me that older men come on this site just to see what states they can go to, so they can have sex with younger men and women, men and women under the age of 18. I personally feel that many of these states that have laws saying that under 18 to have sex is OK, Is setting a person up for a lifetime of pain and mysery and depression. We already see that when a person feels unattractive they turn to sex for a way out, rather is with a trucker from down the street. or prositituting themselves on the streets in the big city. I mean would you want your kids being targeted by people who check for these things on the internet? To check to see where they can find some "Young meat to take?"
You website in the long run isn't helping people, it's just a lawbook for defending the perverted. I feel that maybe you should create a site focus on preparing people for the pros and cons of sex and not preparing minors to have sex with older men and women.

To Jay, the gay youth who finds your site offensive.  First, I would like to say "thank you".  The national meda has painted perverts as persons who don't read or write!  This site features legal documentation and copies of laws from around the world.  Those of us "perverts" who visit this site appreciate the credit you have given us -- and you are right ... we are educated and intelligent.   And unlike you, we have open minds that can address many issues.  But most importantly, KNOWLEDGE of the law is the key to education and survival.  Oh, and by the way --- the word is spelled "received".  Just thank an educated "pervert". 

You are gay and you think this site is bad?  You really are an idiot.  It is sites like this that exclaim to the world the unfair and discriminatory laws that prevent people from having sexual intercourse -- at any age for that matter.  This site also lets people know that male-male sex is ILLEGAL at any age in some areas.  Stop being a hippocrite -- without people don't know if they are breaking the law or not.

A pervert.  Huh.  I'm a high school senior and I couldn't get a straight answer from anyone.  I'm not interested in chasing a 10-year old  ... I'm interested in a junior at the school I attend.  In case you don't remember, that places us about one year apart.  And I wanted to know if it was legal for us to have sex. 

Hi ageofconsent.  I know you don't want to receive mail like this but a letter from "Jay" really made me mad.  I'm a 16 year old girl in school - and an honor student by the way.  My boyfriend is the same age as me and I wanted to know if it was ok for us to have sex.  My dad kept telling me that he would put my bf in jail if he found out we had sex.  If it weren't for this site, there would be no where to turn.  I found out that in my state it was legal for us to get together and that put my mind at ease.    Thank god someone is willing to put this infor somewhere where anyone can access it for free. 






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