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July 2002 -- why is it that no one undestands -- don't write asking us questions.   We WON'T answer you.

when i connected to the illinois page (usa) i noticed an ad banner up at the top of the page, advertising (of all things) lingerie and sex toys. is that
appropriate? i believe you should reevaluate who you accept ad money from. 

a concerned college student,

Our Response:
> Thanks for your comments ..
> the cost to provide space, bandwidth and research facilities and
> memberships runs about $1000 per month. That vendor has paid all of those
> bills since we began -- five years ago. The only other choice is to a)
> take the site private which would eliminate 95% of the people who want to
> anonymously research a very critical subject; and b) take the site down
> completely as no one will pay for it.
> How much can we count you in for contributing next month?


The email:
In Texas an adult of 20 yrs or older can't have sex with a girl younger than 17 yrs old. What happens if....
1. One had oral sex with a girl who showed him fake ID and he didn't know that it was fake?
2. one had oral sex with a girl and he never bothered to ask for ID because he met her at an establishment where your ID is checked?


i need help with a case i am dealing with. i am being charged with criminal sex with a minor. the minor lied to me and others about his age and most all of
his life. i was 20 (still am) he was supposedly 16 to turn 17 in march 02.   i don't know what to do, do you have any words of advice for a defense.

i have no criminal record nor had any signs of predication towards illegal acts with children. i was naive and tricked. please help me with some clues for
my defense for i am working with public defense attorney. thank you




March 2002:
first off, please don't publish my email address!!! i'm confused a little, if i'm 17 and living in indiana i can consent to anyone over 18? and what if that person is a teacher or coach? and what if i'm enlisted in the army's delayed entry program, does that change the law for me? also, i heard that in indiana the consent age is 16 only if you're with someone under 21, and 18 if you're with someone over 21, was i misinformed or has it changed? i love this website, i don't believe there should be consent laws at all. the government should not be able to tell us who we can and can't love nor make love to. i love someone who's double my age and i know exactly what i have "gotten myself into" and let me tell ya, it's nothing but a whole lotta love. he's not a pedeophile and we don't fuck, we make love to each other. it's hard enough being an inter-racial couple, let alone getting people to accept our age difference, and it would be a shame if the government said that we couldn't be the loving couple that we are just because they feel like it. (look at rene angelil and celin dion, they have a 26 yr difference, but they're happily married.)

I am a very, very small minority obviously. I am of the opinion that the age of consent needs to be raised to 21 and the current laws tightly enforced. Alcohol and tobacco is not available to minors, why should sexual immorality be? Furthermore, a campaign to change people's attitudes towards immorality at any age is desparately needed. Just some thoughts.

Hello to whowever receives this,
    My email is partially a statement and a question in one. Age of consent laws for the state of Florida are vaguely worded, I agree. I read your link
addressed to the actual law which stated that a person who is 24 or older who engages in a sexual activity with one 16 or 17, is a felony. So, indeed
that is interpreted as persons under the age of 24 can engage with those at least 16 years of age, however it still does not state that exactly anywhere
I have looked. It seems legislatures love to keep these laws in action, but do not care to take the time to clearly define what exactly is
legal/illegal. I believe that this is truly unfair and biased, same as the clause that disallows ignorance of age as a defense to prosecution. What, is
everyone supposed to ask their date for an ID? I'm mainly sending this because some Florida law authority figures, mainly police officers, believe
that once a person is 18, their partner must also be at least 18 years of age, also. So, this in fact, is leading to confusion over what exactly is
legal/illegal in regards to age differences. I myself am 18 and this quite frankly scares me that my life can be ruined over something so trite. If
there is a fine line of difference between what is legal/illegal, citizens deserve the right to have it clearly defined, I mean its the difference
between jail-time and freedom. I have also heard wind that there exist movements to have statutory rape laws repealed all together due their
already biases. Does this bear any truth at all? So basically, if I find any links that clarify the legislation for Florida I will send it in. I also
hope, that you can help me and a bunch of others by clarifying it, for I know that you receive a lot of questions about Florida's laws. Thanks so
much for your time in reading this, and even more thanks if you can take the time to respond.  sincerely,
P.S.   Who would be best to contact over grievances with such a law as this?

Ok i'm really sorry but your information wasn't very clear to me. I have also heard conflicting information. You listed 16/18... and the 18 was bold red, but the 16 was black. Then i red the article and it said 16/24... which is it. I am 15 about to turn sixteen in november and this guy i haven't done n e thing with is 19 about to turn 20 in january. His friend who is 20 about to turn 21 is being pressed with rape charges from this 15 year old girl. The thing is she is a hoe who is very permiscuous.... so now they are all scared to even see me. I mean all my friends are 16 or over but i'm about to turn 16. I was very interested from your information saying 16 and a guy under 24 is okay... but then the rumor around here seems to be that 16 and 18 is okay but if the girl is 16 with a 19 year old it is rape. Can you please clarify the correct age consent b/c with your chart conflicting with the information provided about florida has me confused... also with the rumored age consent... please provide me with information on a 16 year old florida girl and how old the boy must be to be considered statutory rape.

Dear Sir or Madam-
I am kind of taken aback by the use of the word "he" on your web page such in the case of New Jersey Law 2C:14-2 Sexual Assault which states
"a. An actor is guilty of aggravated sexual assault if he commits an act of sexual penetration with another person under any one of the following circumstances:
(1) The victim is less than 13 years old;
(2) The victim is at least 13 but less than 16 years old; and [so on...]"
To my understanding, this is considered statutory rape. Can the sexes not be switched around in the case of the female being the older party or is it that females just aren't considered - for lack of a better term, please excuse me - "scum bags" the same way as males would be?
I am only trying to understand the laws that govern my state in a time where double standards can often be placed in the same category of political correctness.
Also in the "Definitions" section of your web page, I saw that under the "Carnal Knowledge:" heading that "Seduction is strictly defined to occur when "a male person induces a female person of previously chaste character to engage in an act of intercourse on promise of marriage"
Again, can the sexes not be switched? For as of now, I see this as entrapment for men and that the law gives the right to women to do what they desire. I am very confused about these two issues for there have been many-a-time where I have been in a situation that if I did what a female did to me, jokingly or serious- slap on the butt, or grabbing of any sort- I'm sure I would have been reprimanded. Please email me back and help me to understand.
Thank you for your time.

EDITOR:  We don't write this stuff; contact your state legislator and tell them you want to change the law!

I have looked at the definition page and I have noticed something.
In american law : sexual intercourse between a male and female in which there is at least some slight penetration of the woman's vagina by the man's penis.
However, if a man's penis was 1 inch away from a womans vagina and he ejaculated it is remotely possible for her to become pregnant.
Sexual intercourse involves "penetration". It is possible for a 13 year old girl to have a baby legally by following the above method (no penetration).
Sorry to sound rude, but it is an interesting fact.

EDITOR:  Yes, but he would still be charged for a variety of other charges including contributing to the deliquency, and indecent behavior with a juvenile.

It is all well and good to suggest that children should be children and, as such, treated as children. However, there appears in this country to be quite a number of inconsistencies regarding our attitudes toward childhood. For example, each state is allowed its own "age of consent," which, in the state of Hawaii for instance, is 14(!).

I can understand the quandary when considering suitable punishments for adolescent crime. For instance, I live in Oklahoma where the age of consent is 16. In Oklahoma a heterosexual 16- year-old can legally consent to sex (with all the risks such a choice entails, including -- possibly -- the adult responsibility of parenthood), but cannot buy cigarettes or alcoholic beverages, cannot vote, and cannot serve in the military. An 18-year-old may consent to sex, vote, and die for his/her country, but cannot buy alcoholic beverages. It's ridiculous.

Since there are so many different ages for so many different adult choices, naturally there's going to be differing opinions about a 17-year-old facing adult punishment for a violent crime. As long as such inconsistencies exist, this problem will exist.






Date:  July 25, 2000:
The following research links were sent to us to assist those who are researching this topic further:

Dear Sir or Madam,
I was wondering whether you were aware that a booklet reprinting U.S. statutory rape laws is published on the Web by the National
Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect Information. The booklet, which requires Adobe Acrobat to read, is located at:

The entry page for the booklet (in case it is replaced by a more recent edition) is at:

The link to the booklet is labelled "Sexual Offenses."
You may also be interested in Mandatory Reporting Laws for the U.S., which contains some links to related laws:


Date:  June 12, 5:13pm
I am very upset about the way the laws are written where statutory rape is concerned. My question to you is - Where is the justice for these young men and boys who are lied to about the age of a girl they might be with? It's not fair that so many young men/boys are going to jail or prison because they were with a young girl who lied to them about their age. And, because of the way the laws are written, it doesn't matter that the girl lied. Our justice system is giving these girls the "right to lie" and get away with it. Comments would be greatly appreciated as I have a son who is in that situation. What can I do to help change the law? It's not fair.

Date: Sat, 27 May 2000 07:21:57 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Why is age of concent a concern
I am 20 years old and believe it or not this concept is new to me. I just learned this recently while taking to some of my friends who where in shock to here that I have been having sexual relations since I was 5 years old. They immediately wanted to help me hunt down all of my so called molesters. I always thought that child molesters were men who raped little girls. Non of the men or boys ever raped me. In fact I was usually the one to talk them into it. At least before I reached puberty. Then all of the boys wanted to have sex with me.  I always new my parents and teachers thought that sex was something private and you were not supposed to have sex if you were a kid, but I never new it was illegal. Your site is interesting and I want to know why the governments of so many countries are so interested in not allowing sex for children. I am especially surprised in the US government seeing as how we are suppose to be a cutting edge country.   Actually it looks like Japan was more sensible than anyone else.  Please respond or direct me to someone who can. I am now worried for some of my friend who had sex with me
in the past, and I have a 15 year old boyfriend who is more mature than I am. How can the government tell me I can't have a sexual relationship with a boy that I love?

Date: Thu, 04 May 2000 10:49:14 -0700
Subject: The Real Problem
To: the public which dares to question,
I believe what really is scaring people, (parents) is that they are fearful of themselfs, and with good reason. They would be very hard pressed, not to cross the line with their own children or their childrens friends, if they knew that their children where having sex with other adults. Even though it is true that childern have natural erotic attractions to adults and would quite naturally experiment in almost any way; they would discover only to-late the uglyness of a prostitute relationship; which, of course includes any relationship involving supervision/rewards-and-punishments, not just parent-child. The shining light that the child sees (or imagines) coming from an adult, which naturally arouses the child's erotic nature is the vision of self-control, which is possible because of logical consciousness. Decisions based on logical consciousnes are inherently superior to those based on rewards and punisments, and this is what frightens professional social-controlers the most; and hence taints their prospective of pedofiles. please post.

Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2000 22:13:28 -0800
Subject: Proposition 21
Proposition 21 passed in California this past Tuesday. In effect it states that people as young as age 14 may be tried as adults for certain crimes. This decision is not left to judges but to prosecutors. Curiously, proposition 26 failed; it would have made it easier to pass school bond measures. So, again, we deny benefits taking care of our children, e.g. better schools and school programs, but we are all to ready to incarcerate them as adults. (Think of all those lonely and sex-crazed adult prisoners waiting for a 14-year-old cellmate.)

Question: If a 14-year-old boy or girl is charged with a crime and tried as an adult, then found not guilty, is that 14-year-old boy or girl then still a "child" and unable to consent to sex with someone over the age of 18? If we are going to treat young people as young as 14 as adults in criminal court, then the age of consent should be lowered to at least age 14. Just some thoughts.

Date Sun, 2 Apr 2000 184152 EDT
Hello, I just wanted to comment towards those who do not approve of legal adults have sex w/ minors. First off I am a 16 year old female who is currently involved with a 25 year old male. We have never "fucked" but have instead made love several times. We love each other with all of our hearts and plan on moving to a separate state when I graduate. Yes, I may only be 16, but after having the life experiences that I have had, I do not consider myself to be a child anymore. I have had to take care of myself for well over a year since my mother passed. For a long time I battled w/ depression until I met my current boyfriend. He has given me my life back and I love him so much. For those of you who disagree w/ our life style, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!! I will live with my choices and so will he. Let us decide what happens IF I get pregnant. It isn't up to you. ( This is not directed towards the creators of this site, Keep up the good work) Making love w/ a person should NEVER be considered a punishable crime. Thank you fro your time.

Date Fri, 31 Mar 2000 233610 -0800
I don't know what all this hoopla is about the age of consent. I'm 45 years old and have been made to feel embarassed and ashamed of my attraction to women between 21 and 24 years old. Why should it be more socially acceptable for someone, say 25, to have sex with a 16 year old than it is for me to have my "early 20s" dream-girl???? We seem to forget that there is an informal social standard that forbids "old" men from having relationshis with anyone who is "young and innocent" (if you are 45, then 25 is "young and innocent"). We not only need to examine that laws regarding "age of consent", but we need to look at protecting the rights of people to have consenting relationships with other adults of legal marrying age!! We also need to look at educating people on this subject. What if a man who was 60 had a 22-year old wife/girlfriend and wanted to move into a housing or appartment development, would he be denied? Would he be denied employment if a prospective employer found out about his relationship? Would she be denied employement? How would their involvement in a local church be greeted? Would they be a welcomed guest at the church? Would they be welcomed into the ministry? Would they be subject to harassment in their neighborhood? If they had kids would their kids be harassed? And YET, their relationships is perfectly legal, in violation of no statitory or child molesting laws!! (Not even Bill Clinton's new law!).

If we can protect the rights of people of different races, homosexuals and women who want to play football and operate fork-lifts, then why shouldn't we also protect the rights of people who want to have relationships with different aged people? Sitcoms and popular TV shows are more sympathetic to gays than they are to "younger/older' couples. We need to change that! We had the sexual revolution in the '60s. We had the gay revolution in the '70s and '80s. There is one more group of people that need to speak out and let themselves be heard.... that is people who are older who are attarcted to people who are younger (both me and women), and vice versa.....


I lost my virginity at the age of 12 to a girl 2 years older than me.  I don't think it did me any harm.  I was an early developer mentally and physically.    However, I don't think this experience would have been as positive if she was way older than me.  At the age of twelve, I did have the ability to consent and I did know what was going on.  Why?  I had an honest mother that answered all my awkward questions.  Since not all people are as lucky, I do think some statutory protection of minors from non-minors is necessary but the age gap should be reflected in the legislation. Otherwise we may have a situation where it is ilegal to have sex with someone just a few months your junior.


i was searching the web earlier today and i found your page and saw that
you were looking for researh on age of consent
now i know youre looking for people to send you infomation on that but i
was wondering if you happen to know or find out what the age of consent is
for nebraska i would greatly appreciate it if you would mail me with the

Could you please send me a copy of the new consent laws that have been
passed in Michigan. Thank you


I saw at another site that California lowered the age to 16 on the 15th
September 1998. Is this true? Could you please e mail me and tell me
what you find?


I am a 16 year old high school student doing a research paper on the
consent laws in the state of Michigan. Is there another link or do you
have any information that would be useful for my research? Please
e-mail me back at ....  Thank you. Sarah


First let me compliment you on your web page. I've learned a lot here,
and I'm glad I found it. I've been trying to find the exact same thing
here except for marriage. do you have any idea where I can get any
information involving the age of consent in marriage? I'm trying to
find out all the legal statistics about marrying someone in another
state or country, and what is the minimum age in that state or country.
any help you can offer would be appreciated. I'm working on a web page
and would love to link your site from mine. once finished I will send
the link via email. thank you          Steve


male age of consent new york state usa
[EDITOR'S NOTE:  The above line was the ENTIRE email! Perhaps he was busy?]


In the State of Texas, when a 17 year old boy has sex with a 16 year old
girl is that considered statutory rape?

Nice site!

After reading all the legal mumbo-jumbo, I still don't fully understand.
Could a 17 year old in CT consent to have sex with ANYONE over 15
(say...22)?     Or is there one of those 2 year age difference things until 18? I've heard
many people explain it many ways, all with different ages!!! They should
post the "rules" for every state in plain English, for all to see. You are now
entering Timbucktwo, Age of Consent 15. Happy camping!       Thanks,

To Whom It May Concern,
One of my friends has a family member that has been arrested in
Illinois for with a 16 year old girl. The actual charges are
Criminal Assault and Aggravated Criminal Abuse. In what I
know about the case, I know for fact that she was consenting, but I am
ignorant about Illinois consent laws and how this comes into play, could
you send me information regarding Illinois law. I was under the
impression that 16 was the age of consent in Illinois, however he is 30
years old, so I don't know how that comes into play. This would be
greatly appreciated.

In Ohio, I know that the age of consent is 16. Does that mean that a 16
year old can legally have sexual relations with an adult, or how far
does that go? If a 16 year old male sleeps with a 19 year old female,
can the female get charged with statuatory rape or are they close enough
in age? I would like to know the answer to these questions. How far does
the age of consent in Ohio go?

Do you know where I could find the age of sexual consent for a male female
relationship in South Carolina? I am looking for the law in whole.

Do you know what the age of consent is in Louisiana? I can't find it

I would be intrested to know what the "Age of Consent" Is for
Michigan, You list it as 18, I KNOW it is 16, the question is weather it
is illegal if the older party is under 18. Please reply.

No matter what the age of consent is in any state. A border emphasis needs to
be made in educationing the public. As a parent i can get birth control for my
daughter at any age. Responsible safe sex. But as a parent I was not made
aware of the age of consent. That is my daugther does have sex before the age
of consent and it results in a preganancy that the boy who had sex with her
can and is charged with charges of statutory rape. Thesex education starts in
the schools at 6th grade. At no time are the kids made aware of this law. The
charges are filed without the parents consent and the kids who stand up and
take responsibility for their actions are still charged and made to feel
like a criminal. The boy who is taking responsibility for being a dad at a young
age may face sex crime charges and be labeled for his life. As well as the
innocent child as a result of this, place the blame on him/her self as all
kids do growing up. I know these laws are in place for a reason. but
federal tax dollars sent to prevent teen age pregancny and fed tax dollars sent to
prosectue these teens dont make any sense. If my daughter had a one night
stand then nothing is done, she dont know the father. but she is 15 the boy is
17, she iwll be 16 before child is born and he will be 18. Still the state
steps in. I have read many articles on the web about the teen age pregnancy
and birth control yet nothing is mentioned about the crime and the
punishment.   I really didnt know where else to bring this issue up and i am trying to
get a point across to anyone who will listen. thank you for your time is reading
this response..............DK


I found your internet site because I was looking for the legal age 18 or
21 in the state of Pa and Ca. Is there a way to do a search that would
allow me to find this information? Or is it possible that you could
answer the question? I think it would be great if all that information
was on one website. I am looking at the adult industry and did not want
to become involved without knowing the laws first. I would appreciate
it if you could email a site for me to look at or point me in the right
direction to find the information. Thank you for your time.

I was interested in the law for the Caribbean Islands. St. Martin, St
Thomas, St. Crox, Aruba, Bermuda, etc.
[EDITOR'S NOTE:  So are we!  We have been looking also]

Any ideas on how to get the legal drinking age for states, etc.?
Thanks a Million, David


Please respond regarding where on the internet I can locate the RCW's
for the state of Washington. I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank You  JV


Dear creator of the age of consent page I am writing to you to tell you
that in Victoria it is legal for a person over 10 and under 16 to have
sex as long as there is no more than two years in age gap betewwn the
partners or they are married. Also if a child is 16 or 17 then they are
not allowed to have sex with someone in control of them.
[EDITOR'S NOTE:  we get this type of letter often.  This does NOT mean
that the age of consent is 10 which is what the argument often is.]



All this legal mumbo jumbo gets confusing and it's hard to get a straight answer. I live in Massachusetts, and I am a 20 year old male. Is it considered statutory rape when having with sex with a 16 year old girl? Is that legal? Will I be thrown to the lions? Is there anything that the parents could do legally if such an act occured? please-any information would be very helpful.

That's a great compilation of useful information. Thanks for taking the trouble to put it on the net.
I am a publications editor by trade, so please excuse my compulsively pointing out that the country name is spelled "Colombia."



I am a sixteen year old woman living in Texas, where our current age of consent is 17. Fortunately, I am only three months away from age of consent, but I wonder about all the other women out there who are like I am, and know what they go through. For someone who is told quite often that she has the maturity, intelligence, responsibility, and capability of a 25 year old, you can imagine how hard it is to not be able to engage in a mature, consenting relationship with an adult male. I have yet to find a single male under 18 that has the intelligence or maturity or attitude to equal mine. Even now, I
must restrain myself within my current relationship, lest we engage in sexual activities, and an "authority" find out. What I would like to know it how can steps be taken to change the
age of consent laws? Where can I find the complete statutes of what is and is not permissable here in Texas? Is parental consent attainable for sexual activities before the age of consent? I would much appreciate some help with my dilemma. Thank you.  Sarah


In accordance with the criminal code of Canada section 153.[146](1) Every person who is in a position of trust or authority towards a young person or is a person with whom the young person is in a relationship of dependency and who (a)for a sexual purpose, touches, directly or indirectly, with a part of the body or with , any part of the body of a young person, or
(b) for a sexual purpose, invites, counsels or incites a young person to touch, directly or indirectly, with a part of the body or with an object, the body of any person, including the body of the person who so invites,counsels,or incites and the body of the young person, is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years or is guilty of and offence punishable on summary conviction.(2) In this section, " a young person" means a person fourteen years of age or more but under the age of eighteen years. R.S.1985,c. 19 (3rd Supp.),s.1.
This information can be found on page 218-219 of the Tremeear's Criminal Code 1992 A Carswell Publication.   Just thought you may be interested in the FACTS about our Canadian Law regarding our youth and consent. It is a delicate subject. One with many hidden laws and wording and Canadians need to be aware of the fact pertaining to this matter. As subsequently it has become a wide spread problem.Respectfully SM
[EDITOR'S NOTE:  If she had read the definition of age of consent as it applies to this website, she would have understood that "positions of authority" are exempt as this does not all proper "legal" consent.]

I need to know what the new age of consent is in Michigan. Could you please e-mail me and let me know. I also need to know what the statuitory rape laws are if you know them. Thank you.
[EDITOR:  This is why we don't respond to all of the email we get.  look on the chart please!]


Here in Massachusetts, before Michael Kennedy skiied into a tree, was in the news for schtumping his babysitter. His defense was that, yes, he DID nail her, but not until she was 16. So it's pretty safe to say that the age of consent in Mass is 16. Then again, Kennedys can literally get away with murder in this state.......  p.s. you were on nick carter's radio show on WBCN 104.1 fm boston
this afternoon.   he has "bi chicky confessions" day once a week, and last week he had on a 29 year old woman that slept with a 17 year old girl, a girl she used to babysit. nik asked "is that legal?" and someone told him to check out your website. so he did and spent about 15 minutes talking about legal ages in the states and elsewhere. he found out that  since FF sex in Mass is illegal, his "bi chicky" show is sorta illegal.

what is the age of consent for gay people in the uk.


I'm just curious, but do you have any "confirmed" information as to the Legal Age of Consent in Illinois? Some say 16, and others say 18. I recently fell for a girl who is 16--She is more mature, intelligent, and mentally advanced than anyone I have ever met. Although I am not "planning" on pursuing anything sexually with her, if anything ever got to that point, I would love to know what the law says in order to know how I should limit the relationship. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!    "Concerned"


How does the age of consent apply to young people replying to posted messages on the internet (such as bulletin boards)?  Is an adult who replies to an underaged person responsible for
communicating or sending photos to that underage person?    Peter


hi my friend had a brrief relationship with a girl who claimed to be 18 later he found out that in fact she was almost 16 is he gulity of a crime????? and is the age of consent washington still 16
I mean by that the deffination listed in your web page.


Hi!    I don't seem to be able to locate Mexico in your chart...


I am currently trying to find information on New York States statutory rape laws. I want to help you. If you already have any information on this  PLEASE send it to me. My friend is pregnant by a 18 year old and she is 16.  They are taking him to court, and we are trying to get as much info as
possible. Please help us. Thank you,


To whom it may concern:

Hi, I was hoping you would be able to help me with a little research about this age of consent i am wondering about some things, i would really appreciate your help in finding this information out for my research.

Lets say that there is a 19 year old female dating a 15 year old man. one of witch lives in the state of Indiana and the other in the state of Kentucky . this is what i need to know. how far is to far for a
relationship? Could the 19 year old female get into ANY trouble for being in this relationship? and What are the boundaries and consequences?

I thank you for your time and your information and i would really appreciate if you could get back with me on what you find out..   My email address is


age of sexual consent in Denmark?
[EDITOR:  again, the entire email!]


From what I understand the age of consent in Kentucky is 16, but I  don't exactly understand. I am going to be 18 in 10 months and my girlfriend  will be 16 in July this year, do I need to get parental consent from her  parents to keep our relationship going? And is there any other special law
the military has since both of our parents are in the military.  Thank you for your time. Sincerely,


I know this is for research, but i am just curious if you know the answer to this...i live in NY state and the age of consent here is 17, im a 15yr old male and this girl i know wants to "be with me" since we are both minors and are under the age of consent law. She is 13. what would happen if i do
anything with her and get caught? is is still illegal? am i commiting a  felony if i do anything with this girl since i am 2 years older? what will happen. Please reply asap and if you can't reply please tell me where i can find out this information. Thank you for your time.


I'm having a problem with my 15 year old daughter, she's having a  relationship with a man twice her age. We already told her that it's not right, what can we do if she has sex with the guy? Can we sue the man for child molestation or something? What if my daughter tells the judge that it's alright, because they are having a relationship?

I am a mature 15 year old girl, going on to 16 in October, and I am just wondering
if there would be any broken laws occuring if I got involved (not necessarily
sexually) with my 26 year old neighbor. If you could send me some information
about relationships between a 26 year old man and a 15 year old woman, that
would be extremely helpful. Thank you for your time



well, i dont have any info but i can try to help, but probably wont i like this girl who is 14
she turns 15 in a month i just turned 18 in february i have heard she has to be 16 then i heard she has to be 18 which one is true?


I'm not quite sure if this is relevant to what you have on your site, or if you actually want to hear about this, but here goes anyway.  I heard that if you go to the same school with someone and they are considered your peers then the age of consent is lowered. For instance a senior who is 18 and a freshman who is 14-15. This is supposedly true in 48 of the 50 US states. I would like you to confirm this, or help me find information on this if possible. Thank you for your time. It is most appreciated.

If an 18 year old has sex with a 16 or 17 year old is it stetuory rape?


I had sex for the first time at the age of 14 with a 37-year-old friend
of my father's. My father knew and, though he didn't approve of it, he
said that if I was old enough to make the decision of which school was
best for me (I chose parochial school over the public system) I could
"damn well choose who to fuck with" (his words!). Charles never really
seduced me;he just told me he wanted to have sex with me if I was
willing to with him. I accepted. I'm 26 now and have never regretted
it. Why? Because I was treated as an ADULT. I had proven I was a
responsible person in many other ways before, so why not be an adult in
bed too? Here in Panama the legal age of consent is 18, 17 if marriage
is intended for a virgin,and 15 if the girl is not a virgin. How to
prove she wasn't a virgin is nearly impossible, and even sex with a
12-year-old is almost never prosecuted unless the charge is rape. Since
seduction is what usually takes place, prosecution is almost unheard of.

Just a query about M-M age of consent for NSW, Australia.
What does the asterix in 18* mean?
I have been charged with a crime. Any advice please?

I need to know something for a friend of mine. He has had sex with a girl
in Canada and she is 17 and she is almost 4months pregnant now. He is willing
to marry her and has the money to take care of things as needed. He is 19
and lives in the USA. We have read the section on age of consent and he
wants to know if there is any way around the law in his case or are they
going to fine him and send him to jail so that his child grows up with
daddy  in jail. How human is that. He didn't know about the law before he did it ,
but that doesn't really matter. If you could please get back to me asap.He
also wants to bring her over. thanks

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to know if the sex of the juvenile makes a difference. If the juvenile is a male, does the law have a loophole around that? Also. alot of  these laws are written to help with teenage pregnancies. Well, what if the older woman has a tubal ligation and pregnancy is almost impossible? I know that you may not be able to answer these questions, but if you could I would appreciate it. Also, one last thing, is there a way that the juvenile can legally emancipate himself from his parents below that age of 17? Again,   thank you. Please, if you would, email me back at

Thanks for the great site. It has been very helpful. But I had a
question whose answer was was left rather vague in the content of your
site. What exactly is illegal sexual contact that can be considered
statutory rape? Is sexual intercourse the only part of sex that is
forbidden? Or is oral sex, touching, etc... also forbidden unless you
are of legal age? If the answer to this question is contained somewhere
in your site, I apologize for overlooking it. Thank you for your time.


My 16 teen year old daughter is dateing a 21 year old man. We live in the
state of Colorado, I am conserned that she might be sleeping with him. If
she is than I do not approve of their choice. Can you tell me if in our
state, this is considered statutory rape or not. I did not completly
understand the chart for my state, I would like to thank you for the time
that you take to read this and contact me.


My best friend has a problem. My friend and he and his girl friend are not doing well now. She is now threatening him with statutory rape. She is  demanding money of him. Is this blackmail? But the question that further  pleages me is could he go to jail? He is 19 and she is 16 and we live in
the state of Pennsylvania in the United States of America. Now I know the legal  age of consent is 16 in our state. So let me get to the point. I am not  sure if they had sex when he was 18 and she was 15. He was born on the 12th of September and she was born on the 10th of November. Now presuming they  had sex when she was 15 does that mean that he has commited statutory rape?
Please respond. I am deathly worried for my best friends welfare. Thank you.

I took business law in college. The age of consent in Illinois is not 17 as some people think. It is age 18! The parents can file charges against someone who is with a minor. I have seen people go to jail for this and lose everything, their home, their job. Sincerely, J


Can you tell me what the age of consent for SC is PLEASE! The chart says it is pending but I know it should be decided by now!!!  PLEASE HELP ME!!!!


I am 16 years old and a current resident of the state of Virginia. According  to your chart I am of legal age of sexual consent. However if I am visiting  another state such as California, am I still of legal age or am I under  California's law which would make the legal age 18?


I live in Ohio, and I have a few questions. I am 21 years of age and
am seeing a 16 year old, with her consent, and the consent of her
guardians. I am not having sexual intercourse with her, and I do not
plan to. Am I playing with fire? And also, does oral sex count as
"sex" by the law? Thank you.

hey loved your site...Thanks one ? so in virginia it is not satatory
rape if the girl is 15 and over right the parents can not charge you
with any crime correct?
thanks for your help help up the great work...oh did South carolina
change yet 14 is kinda young they should go to 15 like va
see ya


But I think it proper to make clear that the "age of concent" is not the
same thing as the legal age to produce or feature in pornographic material.

Hello my sister is 16 she is dating a man of 30 she has had sex with
him. Can my family have him charged in Pennsylviania for statutory
rape?some say the age of cosent is 18 some 17 some as low as 15 what is
the legal age of consent in pennsylviania?


and I have been looking up the age for kansas and cant finde it.....could you   please help....

To whom it may consern, What are the legal ages for male/female to perform oral sex on the
the other? Male - female, female- male.


what is he law regarding oral sex, sexual contact (touching), with a
person under the age of consent? is it still considered statutory rape
even if no actual sexual intercourse occurs?


im 19 yrs old in connecticut,usa...what is the age i can be with 16 and up..and if you fool around w/15yr.old but not  intocourse,what could happen..please respond or my friend will make me write  this again..thanks

From what I see it gives the age of consent on MN as 16. From what I
have always heard is that it is if one person is over 18, and the other
is not it is agaisnt the law. Am I wisunderstanding this, or what. If
it is I think it should be noted, from what I have read it looks that a
30 year old can have sex with a girl who is 17. I also thought there
was a min age distance for under 18. Im curently going out with a girl
who is still 17, and im 21. Also what I did not see what was is this
for oral sex, or say even seeing a girls chest, ect...

Hi my name is Elizabeth and i am 2 mounths and 10 days from being 16 years
old and i am thinking of starting a relationship with some one who is over
18 years old and i was wundering what the law has to say about kissing and
huging and well liking each other with out sex ever coming up for about 2
years because i am in california.... So if you would what does the law say
about dating some one who is over 18 if you aren't yet in california?


I need some help. I know this isn't exactly what you do but, I thought
maybe if you can't help me, you could point me in the right direction. I am
looking for somewhere in the US where a 17 year old can consent to marrage
on her own behalf. I am of legal age but, the girl I see is just 17 with 11
months left to go. She live's in a truely abusive home. Any help will be


I'm confused about something ... ok, my girlfriend and I are both 16 (I'm
literally 1 day older than she is). She's a citizen/resident/whatever of
Mexico, I of the United States. If I were to travel there and end up
sleeping with her, is that illegal? Our situation is this: she said that
if I meet her, we'll probably sleep together (or at least try), but that
wouldn't be considered "intent" on my part, would it? If she were to
suddenly tell me she doesn't want to have sex, I'd still try and go, so...
I'm confused about the whole thing. I greatly appreciate any help you can
give me.


I am a senior at High School in Texas. I am researching to write a paper for my Government Class concerning statutory rape. I am having some difficulty finding credible web sites about this
subject, and would wholeheartedly appreciate any links and sites that you would be kind enough to email to me in your spare time.   Thank You,


I have a question?? In Minnesota the age for male and female's to have sex is 16 right but lettes say that the male is 18 or older and the female is 16 or 17 but the female gives consent
and the male does. But can the parents of the female say Statutory Rape was done to here because the male was over 18 but both party's did  consent but the parents does not want there daughter haveing sex so they say Statutory Rape was done because they dint give consent since there daughter wasent 18 or oldder Thanks for you time


What was the age of consent in Florida in 1989? I know that what you
have posted was just passed a short time ago and that it was different
in 1989. Thank You


I am from mass and i would like a clear answer. All of the legal shit just confuses me. Would it be ilegal for me(16 in march) and a 14 year old (turned 14 in augst). please write back soon.

Ok, i have a question. I'm a gay male and I'm 17. My boyfreind and I just  wanted tio check on something. if I'm 17, and he's 20 and we are in NJ is us having sex legal??/ we haven't yet (had sex i mean) but we thought it would be good to find out.. thank you...


First off I must say that you have a great site. The internet needs more  sites on it with valuable info. More importantly, I have a question for you. First some background info. I am 17 and live in minnesota. My girlfriend is 14 and lives in ohio. She is moving, but the age of consent is the same, 16. When she is 16, I'll be 19. Would it be illegal for us to have sex when she reaches the age of consent? We are going to get married, and have decided that because our society does not allow for it until both parties are 18 that it would not be wrong for us to have sex prior to it.
Please let us know a.s.a.p. Thank you in advance for your help! Sincerely,


I would just like to say that your opinions on age of consent are very   frightening to me as a parent. All children are different, and I was very happy to see that the United States ages of consent are older. The fact of the matter is though, to support a group like NAMBLA or BoyLovers, or
GirlLovers, etc. is promoting pedophilia. There is no way around that.  These are children, and most have not had enough life experience to make a judgement about something as involved as sex. The fact that adults are trying to change the laws so that children can legally be involved in it is
wrong. The children are not old enough to vote, so how can you determine a law like that without them being able to voice their feelings.   I have worked with victims and families and there is no way that these were consensual acts. The very fact that the perpetrator would potentially be
able to get out of punishment because of age of consent laws is sick. These  children have to live with this for the rest of their lives, they had their childhood taken away by someone with the beliefs you are promoting. I realize I cannot change the world, however I can at least give you my
opinion. If you honestly love and care about children so much that you would like to have a physical relationship with them, then please do something productive for the kids. Take your love feelings and make a difference in our world, not physically harm a child. I can only hope that someday the laws will change... however my hope is that the age goes up, not down.... in all countries. Thank you for your time.
[EDITOR's NOTE:  None of us here can remember publishing our "personal opinions" on this site ever so we aren't sure where she go this.]


Hi, I wonder if anyone can help us. I am nineteen, a male, and my fiancee is 16 (will be 17 in Dec). We are engaged, but neither of our parents know about it. This is because neither of them would approve of this engagement. i am in college, and she is in her senior year in HS. Is there any way that we can get married before she turns 18? We live in Indiana...and I don't believe the law allows this. Please help us in any way that you can.

hey. i'm a high school senior and i'm doing a reloprt on
raising/lowering the age of consent. it would be greatly appreciated if
you could give me any sources of info, such as court cases, books. and
magazine articles. if not, no harm done..


my girlfriend is 17, and i am over 21. we live in texas, and i belive she may be pregnant. first let me
say that i love her with all my heart, so its not like a one nite stand or anything. my question is am i
commiting a crime? i love her and she loves me. if she is pregnant, i inend to take care of her and our
new baby. if i have to marry her, i will. please respond promtly thank you


i would like to know about the laws in florida on contact of a minlr and
sending pics of minors over internet how do we know the age of toe other
persons on other end


[EDITOR:  Committed her to an institution ... for being sexually active?  Yes, I would agree that you have lost your daughter.  Oh, this is Editor Dave's opinion.]


My name is MR, and I am doing a research paper for school on the age of consent. I have gotten
a lot of facts, but there is one question I still need answered. If a girl of 16 (age of consent in Maine)
were to have a sexual relationship with a former teacher, would that be okay, or an act of rape?

I was watching oprah the other day about pedaphiles on the internet
and there was this couple whose 14 year old daughter was sent a plane
ticket to maine and there is nothing they can do because she has reached
the age of consent in maine even though her "boyfriend" is 58.
i am sorry but i do not have any proof.


I just happened to be comparing the age of consent lists on [url removed] and on, and noted that there are a number of differences. Perhaps one or both lists need updating.



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