Bulgaria - Age of Sexual Consent

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Updated 01-2001:

Source: http://www.odci.gov/cia/publications/factbook/geos/bu.html

Facts about the country

Source:   http://www.actwin.com/eatonohio/gay/world.htm

LAWS: 1. Has no sodomy laws, the age of sexual consent is 18 for homosexuals and 14 for heterosexuals. The Bulgarian Penal Code prohibits "scandalous homosexuality", homosexuality in public, and activities which may "lead to perversion" (whatever that is supposed to mean),  violation of these laws can be punished with 1-5 years imprisonment and/or "social disgrace".
COURT:1. The Supreme Court (Superior Tribunal of Justice) ruled unanimously to allow a gay man to inherit half the estate of his deceased long-time partner.





[Editor:   We have been unable to secure any law info for Bulgaria until this post.  Based on the laws, we are interpreting the age of consent to be 15, because of the chart below, which shows "completed the age of 14" as the crime of fornication.]





Legislation against child sex tourism

Laws and regulations which can be used to:

  • prohibit or prevent the organization and advertising of sex tours and trips

The Penal Code of Bulgaria, Articles 149, 150, 151, 152, 153, 155, 156 and 157. Initiative of the Municipal Administration to prevent advertising and sale of pornographic literature at public places. Fiscal penalty from one to three million Bulgarian levs.

  • prohibit or prevent the organization and advertising of sex tours and trips especially affecting children
The Penal Code, Articles 149, 150, 151, 157, 188, 190, 191, 192
Law against anti-public proceedings committed by teenagers under 18 years of age


Penalties relating to sex offences and crime against children in the country. (Future law underway which is expected to increase penalties)

  • for the sex exploiter (customer)

Age of child

Type of sexual offence/crime


Up to 14 years
Sexual intercourse
Up to 8 years of imprisonment.
For repeated crime - up to 6 years of imprisonment
2 - 5 years of imprisonment
Completed 14 years Fornication 1 - 6 years of imprisonment
Up to 16 years Violent sexual intercourse (rape) Up to 20 years of imprisonment
  • for the manager, controller, pimp or owner of a prostitution place.

Age of child (up to)

Type of sexual offence/crime


14 years
Owner of a prostitution place 

Compulsion to prostitution
Up to 5 years of imprisonment
Up to 3 years of imprisonment For repeated crime - up to 5 years of imprisonment
  • for the procurer or trafficker who procures, seduces or traffics another person for prostitution

Age of child (up to)Type of sexual offence/crime


14 years Homosexuality Up to 8 years of imprisonment
  • for the offender who detains or confines another person for prostitution

Type of sexual offence/crime


Detention or confinement of women for prostitution Up to 10 years of imprisonment.
Fine of 500.000 Bulgarian Leva




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