Belize - Age of Sexual Consent

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LAWS: 1. Has no sodomy laws.



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(f) Sexual consent in respect of criminal matters is at age 16 for unmarried females and age 14 for married females. This is
implied by the Criminal Code (Cap. 84) and the Marriage Act. The Criminal Code states (S. 46 (2) (a)) that every person who
unlawfully and carnally knows any girl who is of or above the age of 14 years but under the age of 16 years shall be guilty of a

(g) A person to legally marry is 14 years. The Marriage Act states that the marriage of anyone under 14 years of age is void (S.
4 (1)), and that parental consent is required for the marriage of any person aged 14 years but less than 18 years (S. 5 (1));


Procuration of a female under 18 years to have unlawful carnal knowledge or to become a prostitute (S. 47)
[EDITOR:  What is "unlawful carnal knowledge? - not defined]

Permitting the defilement of any female under 16 years (S. 49)

Carnal knowledge of a child aged under 16 years (S. 46 (1))

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